Twin Beds

by Form & File

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Recorded, mixed and produced by Ryan Stack at Format Audio in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Mastered by Rob Gonnella at New Alliance East in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


released June 20, 2011

TJ Kelley III - Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Briggs - Guitar, Vocals
Rory Hamovit - Bass
Tyson Luneau - Drums

Patrick Flynn and Lauren Oldani lent us their voices on Bender. Ryan Stack added additional guitar work on Bender and Things Fell Apart.



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Form & File Boston, Massachusetts

Form & File is a band from small towns outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

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Track Name: Bender
Bottle lies next to the bed. Can't admit what happened. With 15 stitches in her head she's just too embarassed. There's got to be a better way than this. It's too much. There is a way out, I promise. I can't escape, theres no escape. Think of all the ones that love you. I don't want to think. Don't fall too deep or you'll sink. When it gets to be too much I want to be as far away from myself as I can. Stay awake at night and sleep my days away. Stop holding yourself back. I'm falling faster. This too will pass. When? Please tell me when. When it pains it roars. Why me? You can't keep blaming yourself. Just let go and open your eyes.
Track Name: Pines
Soft ice, dull metal and a rusty technique. Iced coffee with nine Splenda as always. And we stumbled around in borrowed skates. We got better, but I still have bruises on my knees. But I keep staring at your mouth, all I can hear are the words that come out. Can I rip you open and ask all the things that I want to? Promise not to judge. So its something i can't let go of, impressions and laughter and the warmth of your sides. Like the old stone walls that line my town, those thoughts still linger. But it's always nice to see you. Nice to see you.
Track Name: Things Fell Apart
when I tried to lean on you, when I lost my grip, all you did was step back and look away as I fell. I had to steady myself on my own, should have known better. But I had never leaned on anyone before, much too proud. When I look at the bed we laid in, all I see is that night when I fell apart. You left the room and you closed the door and then we fell apart. Things fell apart. We used to lay around in the sun all day and I would watch my mouth. Then the roof caved in. I'll never watch my mouth and I will never bite down on bars of soap.
Track Name: Fathers
I remember the first time you left home. First time that I felt we were all alone. I know what its like to feel alone, I picked up the phone. Was it your heart? I remember when she kicked you out, forced to live inside of an empty house. Is this what its like to build a home? Spend years in love, end up alone. The rain fell hard as I scattered your ashes, which were your heart? Is this what its like to build a home?
Spend years in love, end up alone. I never want to feel alone. I never want an empty home.