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It's been too long since we've released music and we feel stale about it. A lot of work and honest progression has gone into this, and we can't wait for people to hear the music that we've just been sitting on. It's hard to tell when we're going to release our actual cohesive Twin Beds EP, but it is currently being mastered and we are having talks about how to release it. So here it is, it will only be up here for a week. Our sassy portrait of ourselves. Download it, listen to it, read the lyrics. If you enjoy it, please pass it along. This is our gift to you.


released May 17, 2011

Recorded at Format Audio in February 2011. Ryan played guitar and sang, TJ played guitar and sang, Rory played bass, Tyson played drums. Patrick Flynn and Lauren Oldani lent their vocal talents to us on Bender. Ryan Stack lent additional guitar on Bender, tambourine and shaker on Ferdinand the Bull, and generally encouraged us to be better and more creative musicians. Also, lots of coffee breaks.



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Form & File Boston, Massachusetts

Form & File is a band from small towns outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

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Track Name: Bender
Bottle lies next to the bed. Can't admit what happened. With 15 stitches in her head she's just too embarassed. There's got to be a better way than this. It's too much. There is a way out, I promise. I can't escape, theres no escape. Think of all the ones that love you. I don't want to think. Don't fall too deep or you'll sink. When it gets to be too much I want to be as far away from myself as I can. Stay awake at night and sleep my days away. Stop holding yourself back. I'm falling faster. This too will pass. When? Please tell me when. When it pains it roars. Why me? You can't keep blaming yourself. Just let go and open your eyes.
Track Name: Ferdinand the Bull
I saw noon creep up, and i let it go by. Kept tossing and turning, avoid the clock. Should be productive, but I dont want to. I'm content laying here and think about anything and everything. Sometimes I would just rather be alone. These weekends I keep to myself, cleaning my apartment and not checking my phone. I just want to be alone for a little while, find out where I'm at. I've spent most of my life being terrified of being alone. I think it's about time I learned not to be so lonely. Call me selfish, but I can't keep breathing for everyone else, because i can't breathe for everybody else.
Track Name: New Love
I am not the same, I can be so sweet. I am not the same, much more than flesh and seed. Hold me but dont touch my body, just take my brain into your hands. Whisper anything to me. Tell me, tell me everything. Is her body the only thing i care for? Is this the male's cross to bear? I want to hear it from you. I want to know more than the curve of your body, because i know what her clothes do cover. I'm so intrigued by what's hidden behind those eyes. So let me whisper back, let me hold your brain. Let me tell you everything. Let me wash these hands with just a whisper. I see men who think with phallus and act in complete malice and woman, you are the moving target. Reducing sex to notches on a bed post, but is it really only the male to blame? The world around us instructs the same. Don't call it nature, we are not. Don't call it natural, this is not. Admirer of beauty, yes. Admirer of thought, yes. So woman hold me together.