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released March 17, 2010

Recorded in January and February 2010 by Ryan Stack at Andrews Lane.



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Form & File Boston, Massachusetts

Form & File is a band from small towns outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

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Track Name: Meet Me In Missouri
told you to meet me at park street so we could watch the trees light up but you just said you were too fucking busy. i could have fixed you and you could have fixed me too, but we can’t fix ourselves. told you to meet me in missouri so we could watched the ball drop but you just said that could never happen, that you were just too fucked up. i could have fixed you but i can’t fix myself. wasted days spent laying in bed, they don’t mean anything. it’s just wasted time, no one will get anything from us. i had a dream the other night that everything was fine between you and me, we kissed so sweet and then i woke up.
Track Name: Last Year
just tell me why should i let go of this grudge when you were always so quick to judge? so many things that i have left to say tied up in my throat, i’ve swallowed them down everyday. i’m much too tired to keep making up for your flaws, i can’t keep up,it’s just too much. i keep running but i just cant keep up. so you say that everything has changed and nothing good can ever stay, who’s to say that we had to end up that way? and you say that everything’s ok, then why is it that when i see you, you act like you don’t know my name? don’t act like you don’t know my name. now you know what i have to say, we do everything the hardest way.
Track Name: Empty
on the way back to the place i came from, it’s not home it’s just the place i live. all i hear are sirens, they’re so loud sometimes that i can’t sleep. trying to fill a void that no one could, i don’t know why i’m so empty. i keep trying because i know i should, yeah i guess i should.
Track Name: Hatchet
let’s bury the hatchet you used to cut out my tongue beneath the place where you said i never want to see your ugly face again. bury me far away, beyond state lines so i can never form these broken words again. i’ll never hurt you again.
Track Name: Love
i never knew much about love. who gives a fuck about love?
Track Name: Intrepid
chop me up and feed me to the ocean, leave enough so i can watch what’s become of me and what i left behind. i just need to get away, this place has nothing left for me. i leave the tv on all night, it’s not like i really even listen, it just makes me feel like i am not alone. let these maps lead me to some pleace far away from you, because everybody knows that i’ll come running back. but it’s not at all for you, it’s for what it used to be. i’ve got to find something new, something just to distract me from you.